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Autumnsongs Recording Studio is a spacious, open-plan recording studio in Trondheim, Norway, centered around a large analogue console, with a great selection of vintage instruments.

The studio is run by Rhys Marsh, who has worked on a wide variety of albums over the past 20 years, as a producer, engineer and artist.

As well as working with artists here in the studio, we also mix and master projects that were recorded elsewhere. So wherever you are in the world, we can help you with your music.

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In our 120 square-metre space, we can record pretty much anything, from a solo artist, to a full band, to a horn section. Our open-plan studio can be used as one large live room, or it can divided into smaller sections. Our lounge can also double-up as a vocal / iso booth, so we have plenty of options to capture the best sounds and atmospheres for your music.

We love capturing the vibe of people interacting and working off each other. We also love recording layer by layer, watching a song slowly come to life.


Have you already recorded some new music, and can’t quite get the mixes to sound right? No problem — you can simply send us the files and we’ll do the rest.

We can make your song sound dynamic and full of life, either through our beautiful old recording console and outboard equipment, or in-the-box, or somewhere in between. Also, as the studio’s located in a high-ceilinged bunker, we have a beautiful echo chamber in the corridor.


We can master for vinyl, CD or digital, and can give your album a final sparkle, making sure it sits well against other albums in similar genres. Our custom-made SSL-style buss compressor gives everything that familiar ‘finished’ sound that many of our favourite albums have. We can also deliver your album as a DDP file with ISRC codes and PQ coding.


If you’re a solo artist, or a band, we can help you with the arrangements, performance aspects and production of your songs. We work with a variety of session musicians, who can add pretty much any instrument to your music. So all you need to bring is a song, or some song ideas, and together we can figure out how to do the rest.

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